Why the Best Place to Meet a Soul Mate is Online

Internet dating has rapidly become the preferred choice for singles from all walks of life who are looking for a soul mate.

Back in 2002, Wired magazine correctly predicted that very soon the idea of not looking online for love would be as silly as only thinking you can find good books by trawling through a library’s shelves. The history of online dating is one of rapid growth and in the largest online market alone (America) it represents the second highest paid for content spend, behind only pornography, with an estimated 20 million unique users each month resulting in 120,000 marriages each year.

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Five reasons to look for love online

It helps you to clearly define what and who you are looking for

The experience of writing a profile for yourself, and reading the profiles of others, can help you to clarify exactly what and who you are looking for. With a clear picture in mind, and the ability to tailor your searches, you will be clearer in your goals and more effective in achieving them.

It gives you control

Using online dating you can now enjoy nights out with friends on their own terms rather than with one eye on prospective partners. You can search for love at leisure, when you want and at your own pace. You can decide exactly who you would like to pursue a conversation with and ease yourself in gently through shared messages, pictures, phone or video calls before going out on that first date.

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It gives you time to think

Not all of us are social butterflies ever ready with witty ripostes and a conversational flow like the Snowy River. Dating online allows you to learn about other people before you initiate contact and it allows you to prepare what you wish to say. By the time you meet there will be plenty to talk and laugh about.

It builds confidence

In writing your own profile you can look at how others have written theirs. You can adapt and adopt as you see fit and will no longer find yourself standing tongue-tied when asked to say a little bit about yourself.

It is where the true dating action is

It is true to say that more people use online dating than any other means to seriously find a soul mate. Your perfect partner is much more likely to be online than at a bar, your friend’s party, a speed date meet or in the queue at a supermarket.

Give online dating a try

If you want to expand the Perth dating possibilities open to you, or are looking for love elsewhere in Australia, then online dating sites such as www.eharmony.com.au can offer you the control, confidence, time and targeted searching power that you need to find love. Happy dating!