Life and Love have to Find a way to co-exist to become Whole?

Now that I’m approaching the early-thirties, I’m taking stock of how I have lived – a career life as a woman, as a friend and as a lover. To crown it all, I’m already a mom and do have a child.

As I thought, I exclaimed, ‘Wow!, is this really who I am?’ And what is next for me? I don’t think I lived like those women who are obsessed with career and make it a priority over every other thing, or did I live that way?

Well, I know that I now have a better understanding about life and love. More importantly, I have learned more about myself. When I got married, I promised myself that it would be a marriage that will last a lifetime, ensuring the marriage become my loving support, companionship and intimacy for me. I often wish my marriage to be based on the real thing rather than attraction to sustain it.

Though I had fun with my single life in the past and also shared my dreams and visions to some failed relationships. As I cast my mind back, I reflect on what the difference actually is right now. And I discovered what has changed now is that I got a partner who accompanies me on my inner journey – and I do the same for him.

And every other thing follows, don’t you think so? I mean the same attractions, dreams, and of course the fun. I have a better understanding right now, that we mustn’t be compatible in all aspects to share something really special; our hearts – that is it. Now that I’ve reflected on the past, I wonder if my heart was ever given to any of my exes without reservation.

The lessons I’ve learned from love and life is that living has its own up and downs. That old skeptical voice arises, did I dare? Certainly, I did.

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